Saying Goodbye to Grandma Betty’s Zinfandel Growler


It is with a heavy heart (about a liter’s worth of weight) that we say farewell to Grandma Betty’s Zinfandel Growler.

Grandma Betty’s Zinfandel Growler was inspired by winemaker Charles Mitchell’s sweet grandmother. A proud and resilient woman, Grandma Betty grew up during the trying times of the Great Depression. Having been raised in a household with limited means, Grandma Betty wanted her own children and grandchildren to experience the richness of abundance.

Charles can remember that in true grandmother fashion, she would always give you an extra serving, no matter how full you were or how close the top button on your pants was to flying off.

Her generosity and character served as the inspiration behind Grandma Betty’s Zinfandel Growler—a liter of classic California Zinfandel that was rich, familiar and flavorful, all in a growler that added an extra 2 glasses-worth of wine, just as Grandma would’ve wanted.

Grandma Betty’s Zinfandel traveled far and wide, from her birthplace in Wisconsin to the Sierra Foothills in our backyard. At this time, we are sad but must say goodbye. Grandma Betty’s Zinfandel leaves behind many fond memories and an enduring legacy of good times, regardless of the occasion. She will be missed, but always remembered as a gracious companion to many special moments.

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