En Primeur Tastings at Winery by the Creek

En Primeur

If you haven’t tried an en primeur tasting (also known as wine futures) at the winery yet, you’ve been missing out on a very unique and historical wine experience! En primeur tasting lets you try the wine while it is still aging in the barrel during its infancy. The practice of tasting and buying en primeur can be traced back to the Bordeaux region of 18th century France. This tradition began in order to ensure that wineries were able to continue production and guarantee a harvest while the other wines aged. Although times have changed, the great deal that comes with buying wines in futures is timeless.

Buying futures is not only a novel experience, but also an astute investment. Buying en primeur means you’ll have to wait up to two years before your wine is bottled and released. A lot can happen in that time, which can make it a risky investment with an exciting and huge upside. The uncertain outcome is offset by the ability to purchase the wine at a highly discounted rate compared to the retail price of the wine once it is bottled. For example, the Winery by the Creek Reserve Petite Sirah usually retails for $32 per bottle, but when you purchase a case en primeur, it comes out to $22 per bottle.

Make sure to give en primeur tastings a try next time you’re at the winery, as there’s always something new to discover. You might discover Le Grand Vin, the Estate-grown blend of breathtaking Cabernet Sauvignon with a touch of Cabernet Franc and Merlot. This stunning wine is aged for 18-24 months in French Oak, which allows its elegant flavors to fully develop.

An elegant wine such as this deserves an elegant treatment, which is why for every case purchased as a future, buyers receive four, five-course candle-light dinners complete with Amuse-Bouche, a salad, a starter, an entrée, cheeses and dessert paired with six wines.

Next time you are at the winery, prepare to be dazzled when you try this perfectly blended, elegant wine of seductive quality!