2011 Winery by the Creek Reserve Petite Sirah

$ 32.00

Grown at the Charles B. Mitchell Vineyards estate, there is nothing petite about our 2011 Petite Sirah. Notably one of our winemakers favorite wines, the 2011 Reserve Petite Sirah is characterized as firm and full-bodied with a lasting finish. Petite Sirah originates from the south of France where it is called the Durif.

Vineyard: Naylor Vineyards, Fair Play, California
Harvested: 10/20/11
Brix: 25.3
Alcohol: 14.6%
pH: 3.67
Number of cases bottled: 150
Bottling Date: 5/13/2013


Food Recommendations: Beef, teriyaki beef, lamb chops, pheasant, gorgonzola cheese, filet mignon.


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