2011 Splash Down Syrah

$ 18.00

Reminiscent of a Chateauneuf du Pape where the weather is warmer producing ripe yet mature dark fruit flavors. Enjoy this wine with grilled or roasted red meats as it pairs beautifully with the outdoor, California lifestyle that we all hold dear.

Vineyard: Oakmont Vineyards, Shenandoah Valley of California
Harvested: 9/22/11
Brix: 25.3
% Alcohol: 14.45%
pH: 3.68
Tonnage: 7
Number of cases bottled: 150
Bottling Date: 2/17/2013


Food Recommendations: Roasted Lamb, grilled steak, kabobs, roasted pork, ham, Ravioli, smoked turkey.


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