2012 Winery by the Creek Grand Reserve

$ 48.00

Vineyard: Charles B. Mitchell Vineyards, Fair Play, California
Harvested: 9/27/12
Brix: 24.7
Alcohol: 14.2
pH: 3.60
Number of cases bottled: 150
Bottling Date: 6/3/14


The 2012 Winery by the Creek Grand Reserve is a premium, Bordeaux blend that represents the potential of the Fair Play appellation. Continuing the long tradition of flagship Winery by the Creek blends, this Grand Reserve is a full-bodied, complex wine with flavors of cherry, plum and spice that blend seamlessly to produce a smooth, lush wine. Produced from Estate fruit, it is blended to 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10 % Cabernet Franc and 25% Merlot. This sometimes-intense wine is dark purple in color and its aromas are fruity or floral. The flavors are commonly described as white or black pepper spice characters plus dark berries—boysenberry, black raspberry, blackberry and a bit of earth. Occasionally, there will be hints of chocolate or mocha to mellow the mix. The Grand Reserve is blended in the “left bank” Bordeaux style. Bottle aging is recommended for 3 to 10 years to achieve ultimate flavors.

Food Recommendations: Beef, pork roast, duck, venison, pot roast.


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